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Film maker, teller of tales and lover of the fourteen who bring us to He who created us from nothing but earth!

Film review: Suicide Squad and losing the moral compass

The franchise of superhero movies will be with us for some time to come, with Marvels Studios constant release of films with a plethora of superhero characters at their disposal. It seems DC Comics wants to cash in on the … Continue reading

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Email from GOD

Click on this to listen to, as you read. TO: Me FROM: God SUBJECT:  I miss you more In the Name of Me, who created you from pure love My beloved and my dear, I have missed you more than … Continue reading

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Email to GOD

Listen to: A Way of Life by Hans Zimmer TO: God FROM: Me SUBJECT:  I Miss You In the Name of you, who is the most Gracious and Compassionate Dear God, It’s been a while since I spoke to you … Continue reading

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Day Two – In a holy land

What a first day we had. After seeing our Master and Hero, Imam Ali (as), and bringing what felt like long lost feeling back to our hearts again. We were energised for the next day of treasurs to be found … Continue reading

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Interview with Reza John Vedadi for HAJI magazine (Persian)

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The pain with in

Please play this as you read the words below. At first I was happy and excited from the news. Then as time went passed by and the days passed, I became humbled almost nervous. The more we raised money for … Continue reading

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Before you break your fast take a moment!

Please play this music as you read the post, some times our hearts need to be warmed before they open… During the month of Ramazan many of us think of many different things. We realise how much we are attached to food … Continue reading

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