Email from GOD


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TO: Me


SUBJECT:  I miss you more

In the Name of Me, who created you from pure love

My beloved and my dear,

I have missed you more than you could imagine. I have waited to hear from you, and for you to remember me. I know of your pain and suffering, and I know how hurt you are finding all that is around you.

I know all the bad things that have been done to you and all the goodness that I have sent you. But this is not important, for every goodness you receive is nothing compared to what I have prepared for you when you come to me. And all the sadness and hurt that is caused to you is only a step for you to climb by which to get closer to me, for every step you take towards me I will take many more towards you.

My beloved, would you have thought of me if your life was perfect and full of ease? Would you have thought of me if you had no hardship and no challenges to overcome? You cannot imagine the joy it gives me when you speak to me, and when you express yourself to me in the darkness of the night through your precious tears. These tears that drop for me, are more valuable to me than the rarest pearls from the deepest depth of the ocean.

Your remembrance of me is more valuable than all the gold in the world. If only you knew, how precious a moment of your reflection about your existence was worth?

I value you more than you could imagine, and comprehend. I love you more than you could fathom. You are more important for me than I am for you. You mean more to me than I do to you. When you forget me, I still remember you, when you are sad with me, I am still happy with you, when you are angry with me, I am compassionate towards you. So how can I not love you more than you could ever love me? When you cause injustice and hurt, and come back to me, I still forgive you. When you don’t follow my advice but then return seeking forgiveness am I not merciful!

I may have many things to look after in the scheme of things, but I am always hear for you, you never need an appointment to speak to me, you do not need to obtain permission to approach me, you just need to think of me, and I am already here for you. I am closer to you than you beating heart.

I will never turn my back to you, I will never let go of your hand even if you let go of mine. I love you so much, that no matter how much you hurt yourself or me, my arms are always open for you, my Mercy is ready to wash away your tears, my Grace ready to blanket you, my Compassion ready to comfort you, my Love ready to inspire you, my Bounty ready to nourish you, and my Honour ready to raise your dignity

Come to me, as I never left you.



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About rezajohnvedadi

Film maker, teller of tales and lover of the fourteen who bring us to He who created us from nothing but earth!
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