Day Two – In a holy land

What a first day we had.

After seeing our Master and Hero, Imam Ali (as), and bringing what felt like long lost feeling back to our hearts again. We were energised for the next day of treasurs to be found in the great holy city of Najaf and Kufah.

Its important to say at this point, that the company you keep specially on a spiritual journey like this can help make the group and activities that much greater.

What a brilliant group of people have come with us this year. The faithful travelling from far corners of the world, Leyla and her mother, who came on a 13 hour trip to Istanbul from Los Angeles and then another 3 hours and a 5 hour wait in the Baghdad International Airport. And yet after such a marathon their patience and their love for Ahlul Bayt shines through and replenish any tiredness they may have.

Day Visit To Kufah.

There is no better way to visit Kufah but to visit Kumayl ibn Zeyad first. What can you say about this great man and one of the closest companions of our Master Imam Ali (a). When you enter his haram which is a beautiful garden like area. A piece of heaven on earth. His tomb or zaree is elevated and you have to climb the stairs to reach it. When you go up these stairs you feel lighter in spirit and mind.

It goes with out saying, that Kumayl has a special place in every believing person, and follower of Ahlul Bayt. His place in eternity was sealed when he dared to go forth at the end of Imam Ali’s (a) sermon in Basra, and ask his Master to teach him the Dua Khizr.

When Imam Ali (a) saw in Kumayl the potential he had, the dua’s name was changed to Dua Kumayl and he was taught it.

No one can recite this dua and not be moved by its power and majesty.

O’ my Lord! By Thy honour truly do I swear that, if Thou wilt allow my power of speech to be retained by me in the hell, I shall amongst its inmates cry out bewailingly unto Thee like the cry of those who have faith in Thy kindness and compassion And I shall bemoan for Thee (for being deprived of nearness to Thee) the lamentation of those who are bereaved, and I shall keep on calling unto Thee: “Where art Thou o’ Friend of the believeres!

O Kumayl. I had never been so envious of any companion of our Master until I realised the reality of who you were, and who you were close to!

O Kumayl truelly you must have been great for the Gate of the Prophets Knowledged to overflow his knowledge into you and for you to give your life in honour and loyalty to our Master and the Beloved of the Holy Prophet (s) and Fatemeh Zahra (a).

Kumayl setting the scene and spiritual tempo of our day to visit more than a thousand years after his martydom, we enter the city of Kufah and see its glorious mosque with its golden dome and beautiful light brown marble walls and floors.

But alas there is one more point of reference before we can enter the magnificient Kufah Mosque.

O Maytham Tammar, the loyal servant of Ali

The carer of this tree and the one steadfast in the love of Ali

O Maytham, hearing your story helped me grow my love for Ali

The Ocean of knowledge of future calamities and Quran is our Master Ali

Your loyalty to Ali is like a beacon that shines for all to see.

With such great companies to set the mood, the walk towards Kufah Mosque is almost hard to bare. The excitment of going to the Mosque where our master’s government was based durring his leadership.Many forget that world had two pure and infalible rules in its history of tirents and blood thirsty rulers.

The brown marble walls so gentle. conceal within them one of the greatest pieces of land any where in the world. Only four places in the world a pilgrims prayer is prayed in full, and Kufah is one of them.

Were Adam walked, where the flood of Noah was started, the tomb of Muslim ibn Aqeel and Mokhar Thaqafee resides. There is so much in kufah that ones mind can not fathom its magnitued. Overwhelming, powerful


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