The pain with in

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At first I was happy and excited from the news. Then as time went passed by and the days passed, I became humbled almost nervous. The more we raised money for the children the more I realised we haven’t really done much.

OK, we have raised more than a thousand pounds, that may help some children for some months, give them some assistance in the hardness they bare.

Such innocence lost in the world of destruction, forced on to them by armies from other nations who have brought with them pain, suffering, hardship and destruction.

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But I wasn’t so much saddened and humble by the fact that these little angels, these innocent children did not have much in this world. Maybe they didn’t have one parent or maybe they had lost both. For a child to not have a mother or father, the pain is so great we can not even imagine what they go through on a daily bases.

But the pain was some thing else. Some thing greater. It was from within.

Every day we are consumed with our own lives, and distracted from the great purpose that we were sent for, by trivial matters. Matters that once accomplished have no value or no positive effect on our spiritual well being and development. We have been given a gift, a gift of peace from war, destruction and we have been given safety and security. But what do we do with it, with these gifts that Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon us.

We work hard to gather more wealth, and more material goods. We gather so much that we become consumed by the things that we consume. The cycle becomes so strong we don’t see further than our own nose. We forget about the young children who live there lives, day by day, not knowing if their mothers and fathers will ever come home when they leave their house to go and make enough, literary, to buy bread.

We don’t see the children who have no access to clean water, no education, no medical care. To such extent that they become paralysed from the waist down from lack of hygiene.

And yet we moan about our latest mobiles, television sets, cars, clothes, hand bags and shoes. Which of these items will testify to our love, or to our devotion to justice and worship of Allah.

When prophet Noah (as) was met by the angel of death, he became sad, angel of death asked him why are you sad, he replied; “if I realised life was this short, I would have not even rested against the wall for one second and would have worship Allah more”.  This is prophet Noah (as) who lived at least a thousand years. How many years will we live?

And yet we spend hours searching for the latest items to buy on line and in shops.

Worship of Allah comes in many forms, fasting, praying, and helping the believers of Allah. Giving away from our wealth, be it our money or our time to those who need our assistance.

We should remember that being able to assist those people less better of is not a burden but a blessing. It is Allah’s mercy that he gives us the ability to reach closer to His Grace by helping those who he guides us too.

Some times I used to wonder how did the Imams and the Holy Prophet (s) always used to give away all the wealth so easily to the poor. Then I read this hadith;  the Holy Prophet (s) said: “When charity (alms) is delivered out of the hand of its owner, it (the thing being given) says five things: ‘At first I was perishing and you gave me life; I was insignificant and you made me great; I was an enemy and you turned me into a friend; you used to protect me then but now I will protect you up to the Day of Resurrection’.”

When we leave this world we have to remember that when our folder of actions and deeds is opened on the day of Judgement, and believe me that day will come. We can only look to those actions that we found hard to do, like giving to charity and assisting the more needy than our selves. Those are the actions that will shine and save us. And when you do them in the name of the Holy Prophet (s) and his holy Ahlul bayt (as) you will know that they will intercede on your behalf and that day when every face is saddened your face will be bright and joyous at the mercy of Allah. Inshallah.


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