Before you break your fast take a moment!

Please play this music as you read the post, some times our hearts need to be warmed before they open…

During the month of Ramazan many of us think of many different things. We realise how much we are attached to food and water. We realise how weak we are and how much not eating for several hours makes us cranky and Moody.

We realise how others around the world may be hungry and struggling. We may realise how much we take all the blessings we have, for granted and reflect on all the bounties that Allah has granted us, and actually be thankful for it instead of thinking about what we don’t have.

We may even realise that we haven’t been worshipping Allah as well as we used to, and that in the month of Ramazan we will try harder with the help of Islamic programs and good friends reminding us of our relationship with Allah.

We may realise that we have not been keeping in contact with family and friends that we love and during this holy month they may invite us for iftar to break fast with them and encourage the blessing and mercy of Allah upon that gathering.

We may realise how much we love the first Imam who was born in the Kabbah and martyred in Mosque of Kufah. We realise from his biography how we should think, act towards others and worship Allah. When we gather to cry for the martyrdom of this imam, we gather together as a group amongst fellow believers and lovers of Ahlul bayt.

We may realise how much we are the created and Allah is the creator on the Nights of Power (Leylatol Qadr), as we beg for forgiveness of our sins we may have committed and ask for guidance, bounty and faith for the coming year.

But let me tell you some thing, that will bring tears to your eyes, O’ you who believe.

When we feel sympathy for those who are hungry, the Imam of Our Time, The Guide, The Proof of Allah on Earth, Imam Mehdi (af) hears and sees their cry.

When we gather to listen to sermons from the scholars, he is alone waiting, for the order to come.

When we visit our families and friends to break fast, the Imam of Our Time opens his fast alone, with no family or friends, but with the comfort of the love of Allah.

When we gather to cry for the martyrdom of Imam Ali (as), Imam Mehdi (af) recites the eulogies on his own, comforting his broken heart with the Quran.

When we cry for forgiveness of our sins, and for bounty and blessing for the future years on the Night of Power, Imam Mehdi (af) prays to Allah, asking, “will this be the final Ramadan before my appearance, O’ Lord of the Worlds”.

So next time you are about to break your fast, take a minute to think, you have your family around you, you have your friends around you, but the Yousof-e Zahra (af) is alone, waiting.

He is eating his iftar alone, with no helper, no friends, no family, but the only thing that keeps his heart warm is the thought that the Creator will permit him to come to us soon, and deliver us from the suffering and oppression that surrounds the world.

Eltemase dua.


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Film maker, teller of tales and lover of the fourteen who bring us to He who created us from nothing but earth!
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