When darkness surrounds you!

When you feel the pain on your heart, dark and heavy. As if the world has become a darker place, and that which you wanted or needed is taken away form you. You feel as if nothing matters any more, and that you are cast out from Allah’s grace.

But in those deepest darkest moments, that’s when you cry His name, and seek closeness to Him. Through those tears of sadness, and pain, through the heart ache and sorrow, He loves you more than He has ever loved you before.

Specially when you turn back to Him! Surely Allah is the Lord of love towards his creation. Surely Allah is the Most Merciful and Compassionate towards His creation. So with that reasoning and logic if some thing happens that you feel is not to your liking, then could it be a blessing in disguise? When your heart aches and your mind is sad, you may think not.

But in those moments of darkness when your heart is so low and you cry His name, and you seek love and strength from Him, Allah is so close to you, you can feel His love calming your heart like a summer breeze from the sea.

Send three salawats, to seek Divine assistance by those most close to Him, and ask His Majesty to answer the pain that is in your heart with His most beautiful words, and then open the Holy Quran some where randomly, and read the first verse you see on the top right corner of that page. Its as if Allah speaks to you directly. He has seen your pain, your sorrow and heartache and through his miracle which is the Noble Quran answers you, speaks to you directly, sending light onto where it seems dark!

He tells you what you need to know and what will calm you and what gives you strength to realise that what has caused your broken heart is not necessarily a bad thing, but its the way for better things to come.

Some times those doors that close on you were not the best of places to have gone.

For when Allah opens doors for you, you will be sure that He guides you to places that you could not have even imagined. For Allah’s love for his creation is in no doubt and His guidance at times maybe mysterious to our limited minds and comprehension but to give your heart back to its rightful owner, the one who created it in the first place, is the hardest and most challenging task.

Mercy unto those who give back to its rightful Owner the heart which He has lent to them to spend.

“Indeed, those who came with falsehood are a group among you. Do not think it bad for you; rather it is good for you. For every person among them is what [punishment] he has earned from the sin, and he who took upon himself the greater portion thereof – for him is a great punishment.” Holy Quran 24:11


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Film maker, teller of tales and lover of the fourteen who bring us to He who created us from nothing but earth!
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