Day Four – Walk to Imam Hussain

Video of walk to Imam Hussain (a)
This day without doubt was one of the highlights of our spiritual journey. Not only to discover ourselves and our place in this world, but to feel a glimpse into what bibi Zainab (a) went through. To try and understand the path that our fourth infallible Imam Sajjad (a) took, which was paved for him with pain, grief and sorrow.

When you take your shoes off, and walk on the streets of Karbala, towards the two sanctuaries of Imam Hussain (a) and Hazrat Abbas (a) you can’t but think and reflect. The heat with which the children of Imam Hussain (a) felt under their bare feet, the tiredness of bibi Zainab (a) and the pain inflicted on Imam Sajjad son of Imam Hussain (a).
We were lucky to have armed police escort us to the two sanctuaries, but it is easy for you to close your eyes and imagine, that the armed soldiers surrounding the family of Imam Hussain (a) were not there to protect them from harm, 1300 years ago. Can we forget the humiliation these soldiers tried to inflict by carrying the severed heads of the Imam Hussain (a) and his companions in the middle of Imam Hussain’s (a) female family members.
As you walk, you feel the thirst that builds inside of you, but how can you drink even a sip of water when your master couldn’t drink for many days before he was martyred? This thought is enough for you to look at the bottled water in rejection.
As you walk closer to the two sanctuaries a climatic mixture of feelings develop. On one hand you will be reunited with your master, your beloved, the one whose name you recite after every drink of water, the one name you hear after every majlis and every mourning program that is held.
And yet the joy of seeing him again or for the first time is mixed with the sadness of how he was treated. How could they so violently martyr the beloved of the Messenger of Allah (a). Brutally kill the one who had been called the “leader of the youth of paradise”. The one whose lips were kissed by the same lips, who revealed the words of the holy Quran to this world.  The one who was the son of the best of all Allah’s creation, whose mother is the leader of all the pious women of the world. Whose father is the proof of Allah on earth.
But that is where the tragedy of Ashura is so great, and after more than a millennia, it grows with passion and it grows with power. The innocence isn’t lost on any person who opens his heart to the truth of what happened on that day. Who died for what reason and who fought for what reason?
When you arrive at the main boulevard that leads straight to hazrat Abbas (a), the standard bearer of the tribe of Bani Hashim, you realise in whose presence you are at.  This is no normal brother, but the greatest brother any leader could wish for. Abbas’ (a) loyalty, courage, valour, compassion, steadfastness was next to none. He performed his role as the right hand of Imam Hussain (a) with perfection.
So it’s natural that before we see the master we must gain permission from his guardian. For Allah is the guardian of all of us, but it was through Abbas (a) that Allah protected Imam Hussain (a). The children still had hope until their uncle Abbas (a) was alive. Even seeing the huge army of Umar ibn Saad, the children kept saying we have Amoo Abbas (a). He cemented a place in history for himself that will never be repeated and the love for him has been created in the believers heart that will never die. O’ Umol Baneen (Mother of Sons), you sacrificed all your sons, but you kept on asking  about Imam Hussain (a), can we learn from you and sacrifice our desires in the name of Allah and for the sake of Ahlul Bayt?

Photos of Walk to Imam Hussain

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